Delete SnapChat account

SnapChat is huge platform where people share their moments with the world, and it has gained a lot of popularity because it offers to temporarily send and receive pictures.

Why Delete Snapchat account?

There are a lot of reasons why you would want to delete your account, maybe you do not use it anymore, or you are concerned with the data they collect such as keeping track of your battery percentage or which apps you use regularly on your phone (not only Snapchat). Please refer to their Privacy Policy which shows exactly how they use your data, or perhaps you have grown mature enough and you do not see it as exciting as you used to see it in the past.

For whatever reasons you chose to delete your account the good news is that you totally can do that.

However, there is a drawback because even if you delete your account they do not delete your info from their servers, they just mark your account as inactive and make your username available for others to use. If by any chance the authorities such as the police ask Snapchat for your data, they will give it to them because they will always have your data on their server.


Grab your laptop (tablet would do)  and visit  Which will look like this:Step 1 of Deleting snap chat account

*You cannot de-activate your snap chat account using the snapchat phone app, it has to be done through browser.


Log in to your account and click “Delete my account”.

Step 2 of Deleting snap chat account


Enter your username and password again.


If you want to download your data from Snapchat you would need to request it and wait until they send them to you. DO NOT delete your account before Snapchat sends you your data, if you delete your account then they will not be able to send the data to you because your account will be scheduled for Deletion.

Yes I know I said in the beginning that Snapchat holds your data in their servers, that is totally true but you won’t be able to access them after you have deleted your account.

 Step 3 of Deleting Snap Chat account

Step 4

Your account will be Deactivated, and it is on a scheduled deletion, however you have 30 days to reactivate. After that period, your account will be deleted.

 Step 4 of Deleting snap chat account


Note:  After 30 days your account will be deleted, and your username will be available for other users.



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